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About Us

MAS Horní Pomoraví is a non-profit organization/ a local action group. The organization was established in 2016. The main goal of the organization is the development of our region (economically weak, sub montane, frontier area) in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. The development is based on the efficient use of local resources and cooperation of a wide range of partners.

The headquarters of the organization are in Hanušovice and the contact office is in Zábřeh. We have currently 12 employees and we cooperate with other externalists and volunteers.

What we do:

1) regularly/in the long term:

- we look for resources: within the LEADER strategic plan we announce calls, help applicants to create their own projects and subsequently we advise the applicants on how to realize and evaluate their projects. Except for LEADER, we also make use of region grants, Countryside Revitalization Program, State Environmental Fund programs, and other resources.

- we operate Information center in Hanušovice - we provide information about tourist attractions, cultural, social, and sporting events, etc.

- we coordinate regional trademark JESENIKY - original product - handicraft products, food,

agricultural and natural products, catering and accommodation facilities - is a service in tourism bound to a specific location or a traditional action. We help producers with marketing, PR – we organize sales markets and offer their products/services in many other ways.

- we have long-term projects in education - we are trying to improve the quality of education by cooperating with local organizations of formal and non-formal education. The new teaching methods are introduced to teachers and parents. We organize seminars, lectures, workshops for teachers and parents, school founders and non-profit organizations active in education, teachers share examples of good practice. We are preparing activities for children to introduce new approaches in education.

Cooperation also consists of a shared native speaker and Intercultural education.

- we organize virtual university for senior citizens and other activities to engage the elderly in active life

- we make projects and cooperate in social field - we help the long-term unemployed people in our region return to the labour market. We cooperate with other NGO´s to improve the quality of life of socially disadvantaged people in the region.

2) occasionally

- we organize events - for example Ball of the Institute of Disabled Person (once a year) or Activities within Czech Day Against Cancer (once a year),..

- we are also active in keeping traditions and development of community life - we renew regional fairy tales and legends - a treasure of national identity and traditions. The project contributes to the personal development of adults and to the quality of the activities of the clubs and the creation of new ones in the region.

- we organize cultural or sport events supporting a community life in the municipalities of the region (about ten times a year in different municipalities in the region). At occasional activities, we often work with volunteers - mostly students from the region who help us with the preparation and realization of events. Volunteers can offer regional products, provide activities for children or senior citizens or make photos/videos during events.

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