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In the sphere of activities of the project of Erasmus, there will be two voluntaries that will

come from other countries of that program and they will work together in a non-profit organization MAS Horni Pomoravi o.p.s. fora 12 month period. They will work in the area of 46 rural municipalities (about 50 thousand inhabitants).

It is about young people, that are probably facing some kind of disadvantages or less opportunities for a personality growth or unemployment in the labor market.

At the beginning of their stay, they will be informed with of our non profit organization it means with goals and present activities for local community. Voluntaries can try to be a part of different project teams according to different themes and then they can choose one that they will join. Within this area, they will actively participate in the implementation of the project of activities.

The main project of activities will be implemented in one of the following themes:

  • tourism
  • information center service
  • region presentation – preparation and implementation of cultural, sport, educational activities for young people for the general public, ( short / one time events) within the scope of educational activities : whether in the field of non-formal education of children or lifelong education of seniors.
  • participation in improving of the quality of local education by the promotion of new education methods
  • integration of population of the region facing social problems, helping them to return to the labor market
  • promoting the active life of socially disadvantaged families

The activities of the voluntaries will be also focused on the overall presentation of the organization: setting up a system of presentation of the implemented activities. Volunteer activity will be also a good opportunity for young people from the local community to get to know about a person from the foreign country, learn more about his/her life, cultural, habits and traditions. They can take advantage of communication to a volunteer and the same time both sides can share mutual interest about life in their countries.

Voluntaries will be very helpful for our organization. They will be a source of new insight and information and the same time, they will bring new experience for us in the field of work with youths.

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